Sounds of AEKO


I believe Music is powerful and sacred. I always try to write beats and melodies, that exude positivity. I feel it is not only important, but a vital responsibility. (possibly now more important any other time in history as we move towards a more connected world.)

I am constantly taken aback by the power of the right beat or melody.  It creates a mood, tone and vibe that if executed properly can truly “make or break” any project.


The manipulations/blends  of sound; can tarnish, or make your projects shine. Simply…it must fit seamlessly. …As if it had always existed. Meant to be there…organic


The power of a jingle? Where do I begin? It is not lost on me that a mere 15 second jingle, if executed properly, can bore its way into ones soul. After just 1 listen you can  find yourself humming all day…amazing!

While a Score becomes a musical representation, easily recognizable. A score tells a story, your projects story. Arguably more powerful than any other source. A score is your project represented simply by notes and frequencies.

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